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Blog: Dice and Stuff

Dice and the Trade Wars

Dice Envy is a US based dice company. Much like nearly all of your favorite dice companies we have our goods made in ...

Learning to Draw With Pub Draw

Want to draw your beloved Dragonborn cleric but feel you lack the skills to do so? Pop over into the Arts category on...

February Subscription Box Updates

------------------------ 4/5/2019 UPDATE: All sampler and basic boxes are shipped. We also received a second shipme...

Featured Creators: Back Patio Network

By Jairys Tak   The Called Shot Podcast, a Pathfinder Actual Play podcast helmed by GM Wes Smith, came to an end in 2...

Embracing Character Death

I've been playing tabletop RPGs since before the creation of the dice subscription box: over five years of Pathfinder...

Roll for it: February Shops

Love it or hate it, shopping is an essential part of every tabletop gaming experience. Not only do shops give players...


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