KN-95 Mask Drive : FAQ

KN-95 is not as good as N95 right?

They are different. KN is for civilian use. But will do in a pinch. This is a pinch. Even if doctors can't use them hospital security, reception, and maintenance might all benefit from them.

These masks from China, are they the best quality?

A fan sent us this article concerned that we may not be helping as much as we'd like. Here is our response:

This is why we bought 200 of them first personally. To check the quality. We sent the batch to the hospital to see if they were usable. They did not hesitate to use them even after we informed them that they were from China and may not be of the best quality. They just told us there virologists will spot check them before distribution. When we went to the hospital, we saw what there people were using it was disheartening. If in the event that the hospital does not want them or they get access to better gear, we are already in discussion with some non-profits that are still offering food and hygiene resources to unhomed peoples. They are literally using nothing right now and risking their lives to make sure the poorest are fed and cared for. 

If you have a small clinic, do health work in rural areas, or would otherwise be considered low on the list for receiving large corporate aid. We would love to put you on the list too for getting some of these masks. E-mail us at

$5.50 seems like a lot for a mask. Are you sure you are not pocketing any of this?

Under no circumstances are we profiting from this. Yes $5.50 is a lot. However, we are taking into account fees from Paypal, Shopify, and shipping customs. In addition, we raised the price some because most people are buying one mask BUT we need to order at least 200 to get shipping from China. Also the more we buy the cheaper it is. So you're probably buying somewhere between 1 and 3 masks at $5.50. 

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