RPG Dice that Match Your Character

When making your next character you want everything to be perfect. The tragic backstory, the personality, and their portrait need to fit that fantasy of yours, but shouldn’t your rpg dice reflect your character as well? There are an endless amount of RPG character dice sets out there for you to choose from, so it might feel a little bit overwhelming. Here’s a helpful guide for nine classic classes for you or somebody in your life to get the perfect dice set that reflects your character’s class, making you entirely immersed in the role-playing experience.


A seeking of forbidden knowledge who sifts through the sands of time with magic given to them via packs with supernatural powers, most often demons or devils. Now, you tell me that a set of flame dice inspired by Guy Fieri—the Mayor of Flavortown himself— aren’t perfect for a warlock? These RPG dice are just what your character needs. Besides the Eldridge flames and the demon conjuring and the general infernal powers that be, there’s always the mischievous flavor to a warlock. Unlike the wizard, a warlock has no time to stick around a dusty old library learning the powers that be, they got places to be. And let’s be honest, if Guy Fieri was to play DnD, he would be a warlock. What other class would zip around in a ‘68 cherry red El Camino with the top down?



A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He rolls precisely when he needs to. Get your RPG character a dice set that is just as wise. As a mystic who has learned to hold untold powers, a wizard needs these mystic sigil dice. Not only do they stand out as stunning dice with an amazing design, but like a wizard, they are absolutely magnificent. Crafted out of amethyst, these dice are truly one of a kind. WARNING: Like wizards themselves, these dice can be glass cannons of sorts, due to the carving process they are delicate, so please use a dice tray when rolling with these dice.



A fighter knows that you don’t need much more than a slab of metal and courage some would call ‘a bit foolish’, but that’s why you’re the hero, and they’re the NPC sweeping the tavern and filling your tankard. A fighter needs dice that reflect them: strong. The Ancient Bronze rpg dice set is your character incarnate. These seven metal dice (made from zinc) feel like a sword between your palms, heavy and true. It’s time for you to make your slab of metal sing.



The sun has gone down and the guards are putting down their swords, thinking this night will be like any other night. It’s a shame they don’t know you just arrived. It’s time to get up to some Midnight Mischief. This set consists of a brilliant dark blue metal set with wraparound glittering purple enamel fill. These super heavy dice are excellent for the rogue, who wants every sneak attack to have that impact that an extra d6 of damage can do to your enemy. Your RPG character needs a dice set to reflect that. Hit them where it hurts, and every roll will be just as sneaky and mysterious as you are.



You and your party are fighting the final boss of a dungeon, but things aren’t going the way you planned. Your rogue rolled a 2 and was spotted, smooshed into unconsciousness. Your archer rolled a 1, and his arrow is aimed at your fight, and that poor fight is taking a whole lot of blows. We don’t know if he can survive another round. And then, with divine retribution in your heart, and a holy light emitting from your palms, you come to save the day. The Bifrosting Dice set has the same radiant look your healing spells have. This dice set is perfect for the RPG character like a cleric, who brings the greatest skill to the party: the power to heal. The cleric’s dice should make others recognize just how vital your skills are to the party’s survival.



When the undead have risen up, order must be restored. The paladin is not one for messing about, and they look good smiting the enemy and banishing the forces of darkness back into the crevices of the deepest dungeons around. The Omega Dice set, with its black and white acrylic lines, it’s bold without needing to say much at all. Similarly, the paladin in their full armor sets are not here to make jokes but are here to slay the forces of evil. This dice set will get you into the RPG character, immersing yourself in the role of the paladin. With these dice, your smite is really going to leave a mark in the fight against evil and the undead of the world.



The woods are not simply at your command, but you are a part of them. Your dice should reflect this, and Thorn to be Wild is exactly what every woodland loving class needs (besides druids, it is also perfect for rangers and nature clerics) for their next playthrough. Also a perfect set of dice to use if you are playing a woodland elf. This RPG dice set can work for all woodland characters. This gorgeous dice set is made from cherry wood as well, making sure to immerse you in the authenticity of your characters.



Crush! Smash! Big man have club! Don’t mess around with big man! Big man needs dice. Big man (me—Barbarian, me big man) love carnage. When I hit little goblin, I laugh a lot. Gore core perfect dice for me! Pretty metal is just like my helmet, nice and shiny! And the red, so pretty and bright! Shiny just light the battlefield after I’ve spent a few rounds smashing skulls and breaking limbs! Most dice boring, too fancy or too boring, but Gore Core exactly what I need. This RPG dice set smash all characters! Gets the job done, feels good in hands (metal and blood, good good), and all my smartypants friends jealous when I pull them out.



Sometimes you just look at a pair of dice and know for certain what class the creators had in mind when designing their set. Song of Rest is exactly that. This dice set is perfect for the bard of your party. Its beautiful design features musical instruments and sheet music. It’s colors are  royal purple and white, making them stand out with a flair of witty charisma only a bard could have. A gorgeous dice set that is perfectly built for any musically inclined player out there. Your RPG dice set is going to have your character playing all night!


Get Rolling

When it comes to your character, you know them better than anyone else. These dice are here to help you flesh out that identity. Now get those dice moving, you have a character to make and a destiny to fill!

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