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Many Shapes and Sizes

People are unique, dice should be unique too. And not like, “just change up the homework a little so no one notices” kind of unique. We mean actually unique - made with striking differences in design, color, and materials. These polyhedral dice sets have such a wide variety that there’s something suitable for anyone, no matter what your taste is. Don’t be afraid to go big. Nobody likes a showoff. Unless what they’re showing off is pretty dope.

Awesome Quality

Don’t settle for common loot like a noob. Just like you wanna dress for your dream job, you gotta get dice appropriate for your dream role. That’s why you want to get that arch mage-themed dice now. You’ll get there eventually.

Great Service

You aren’t just getting great polyhedral dice sets at Dice Envy, but amazing service to go with it. Let us know about any problems with your tabletop dice and we’ll get everything sorted out. We don’t wanna brag, but we’re kind of the Chad dice seller that way.