Acid Mist


If there’s one tried and true rule of nature, it’s that you don’t mess with acid. It will mess you up. But with this acid-green dice set, you can unleash it upon your enemies instead. Or, maybe you’re just after green D&D dice because they look dope. That’s fine, too.

High-Quality Dice

The dice sets at Dice Envy are carefully considered and designed before they’re made. They’re crafted out of top-quality materials, making sure they’ll last for many campaigns to come. Like that trusty old gaming system you’ve got lying around, this green dice set will never die. And it comes with an extra 16mm d6 with our lion logo on it.

Sleek & Stylish

Acid is known as the great dissolver - it will break down almost any material caught in its path. The translucent green and yellow vapor effect on these dice give them a mysterious effect that will add an extra layer of illusion to your campaign. They’re a sickly green D&D dice set perfect for wizards, assassins, and any other conniving character with sinister fantasies.

If you have any questions or issues, let us know. Get ready to ascend your gameplay to new heights with Dice Envy.