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The Little Sapphire

Product image 1The Little Sapphire
Product image 2The Little Sapphire
Product image 3The Little Sapphire
Product image 4The Little Sapphire

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Welcome Critters! We are low on stock for this set. We've made the next print run available for pre-order. When we've run out, the pre-order option will immediately become available through February. This will help us guarantee everyone gets a set. However, the engraving process is a long one. We expect the next run to arrive in May, maybe June depending on the amount of pre-purchases.

The good news is, we have a lot of other dice in stock. You can help us by making a separate pre-order purchase from any other dice you may want sooner.


These blue and white technical wood bois are a love letter to everyone’s favorite blue tiefling, Jester Lavorre! 

The 20 face features the best spiritual weapon a cleric could ask for, and the 13 has a little surprise sure to please The Traveler himself! #CritterPride

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