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Dice Excellence

We here at Dice Envy have a simple mission: give you some epic dice. And our medium dice are exactly that. They’re made from great materials and tested for excellence. So, we make sure they’ll be the best. The power of our dice is second only to the power of your character who wields them.

Superb Service

Getting our aluminum dice into your hands for that next session is one of our top priorities. After all, the game must continue. That’s why we ship quickly, ensuring you’ll get your dice in a matter of days. Plus, our team is happy to help you with any problems or replace dice that don’t live up to the challenge.

Affordability Ensured

No one should be kept from getting amazing medium dice by price. So, we keep our aluminum D&D dice at reasonable pricing that allows you to gear up without issue. And, we offer regular sales to make things even cheaper. Your wallet is safe with us.

Reach out to us for any questions or issues and gear up with Dice Envy!