MerMage Dice


Our beautiful green and black MerMage Dice Set includes 9 polyhedral dice colored like the stormy sea, with hints of gray, green, and silver. With intricate detailing, these dice are truly a wonder to behold, as if Poseidon himself crafted them from the brine of a stormy sea. Like the ocean, it’s best to see these dice in person to fully appreciate their translucence and how they catch the light.

MerMage black and green dice are made with a dense polymer resin, giving them a hefty roll weight and excellent durability. This set includes a chonky d20, a little bigger and easy to find for attack rolls and skill checks. Although they might look pretty, these dice are made to be rolled.

Unique in Design and Color

This green and black dice set is made with our players in mind. It’s a well-balanced custom set, meaning you won’t be able to find dice like these anywhere else. Here at Dice Envy, we recognize that dice are a central aspect of tabletop gaming; without dice, we wouldn’t be able to go on our adventures, forever stuck in this world. Our dice transport us to new places; if there is magic anywhere in the world, it’s in dice. Start your next adventure off on the right foot with our black and green MerMage dice set.

Caring for Your Dice

With a dice set as detailed as these, you’ll want to keep them looking as fresh as possible. Cleaning them at regular intervals is recommended in order to maintain their lustrous appearance. If you want to take further caution in preserving their beauty, it might also be beneficial to roll them on a padded dice tray. That’s not to say that these black and green dice aren’t strong and sturdy; they can go on countless adventures without diminishing their visual charm.