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Iconic, Exciting Designs

Sometimes we feature designs that we think have the biggest chance of being exciting, special, or memorable to our customers. Some of our Featured Dice past and present are inspired by cultural icons like Zelda or Ghostbusters. Some of our new dice are just especially beautiful and start selling like hotcakes, so we feature them to make more people aware.

Special, Rare Drops

Sometimes we’ll produce a dice set that breaks the mold: one-time, one-of-a-kind drops that capture something really special. These usually only have a single manufacturing run and don’t come back in stock. Maybe it’s one of our special Infinity d4 dice, or a new premium wood or stone dice set.

We want our customers to have a chance to know about these rad TTRPG dice before they sell out!

Selling Niche Interest Dice

Featuring a new dice set is also a great way to help give it more attention, which helps more obscure, niche-interest dice sets get more attention and makes it possible for us to show them to enough people that they will eventually sell out.

We Just Like Them!

Why does somebody like strawberry ice cream over chocolate, or the color green more than the color orange? They just do!

Why do we like some of our TTRPG dice sets better than others? Sometimes we’re just really proud of one of our new dice sets, so we feature it.

See More Featured Dice by Joining Our Subscription Box

If you are a connoisseur of rare and special and otherwise awesome dice, join our Subscription Box! We have three levels of Box, offering either our affordable standard dice, our luxurious premium dice, or both together!