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Aabria's Mage Hand Dice

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Built for Greatness

Our metal D&D dice sets are forged from some of the finest materials around, for epic dice that will last with you through many tabletop RPG campaigns. From your first goblin grapple to your legendary slaying (or laying, if you’re *that* kind of Bard) of a dragon, these metal dice are the best companions for the journey. And if you don’t like them, we can replace them. It’s that easy.

So Many Styles

There’s a theme for everyone with Dice Envy’s metal gaming dice. So, no matter what you’re after, we’ll find something that suits you perfectly. There’s Edge Boss, made for sleek cyberpunk settings, Arcane Vein for your more traditional medieval fantasy gaming, and America’s Ass for those of us who appreciate Chris Evans's butt.

Great Prices

Metal D&D dice are often some of the most expensive sets, but our metal polyhedral dice are roughly 25% cheaper than other sets on the market. That way, you can keep the big-ticket items in your tabletop RPG. Frequent sales also bring prices down even further. Buying with Dice Envy is an absolute win.

Reach out and contact us with any questions or concerns. Enjoy the Dice Envy collection!