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When Aabria saw these she screamed and yelled, "These are mine, they are named after me." And so it was. Our former CMO and now Host of Exandria Unlimited @Quiddie 's most beloved set of dice.

All that glitters sure isn’t gold, but prismatic and purple might be even better. Roll this set of metal rainbow dice with a kaleidoscope of color. The reflective metallic surface shimmers when these multicolored dice are in motion.

Like all of our premium metal dice, this set rolls with satisfyingly heavy weight, but the edges are nice and rounded to be kinder to your table. Still, we always recommend rolling metal dice in a tray.

Roll the Rainbow

This rainbow dice set catches all the colors when rolling hits, saves, and skill checks. It’s a great way to capture the colorful spirit of your character’s personality or class. Well-tested for tempest cleric and fighter ranger multiclass characters.

What’s the secret to their color? This metal set of rainbow dice was forged with the breath weapon from every color of metallic dragon. (An attempt was made to get the chromatic dragons in on it, but they tried to eat us.)

Crit the Rainbow

Everybody loves the multicolored shine of Quiddie dice. They make a great gift for that special D&D player in your life, or as a centerpiece for your own treasure hoard - you beautiful dice goblin.