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Custom Orders

We do custom jobs. Some are easier to fulfill than others. Here is all you need to know:

Small Batch Metal Dice: Do you see a style of metal dice in our collection that you like but do not need a whole polyhedral dice set? Do you play shadow run and only need d6s or World of Darkness and only need d10s? We can do small batches of any of the metal dice that we have in print. It will take five weeks to ship to you. the limit is 10 dice of a single shape and color for $30 USD plus shipping to you.

Medium Batch Custom Metal Dice: Would you like some metal dice for a special occasion? Do you really want a d20 with your company name or brand on it? We can do that too. The there is a 60 day production time. The mold fee is $600 per dice design and you can order as few as 100 dice. In the future, if you want more with that mold, your price will be treated as a small batch listed above.

Plastic Dice :

This process is more complicated and usually takes 12 weeks. Talk to us for more details. Usually, the minimum order is 500 of each die. But we can also do a single custom dice set for you for starting at $150.

Wooden Dice: This process takes 8 weeks. It can be in any kind of wood you would like. Minimum order is 100 individual dice (around 14 sets). Prices vary. 



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