International Women's Day Auction

Here is the auction contents in order of time donated
  1. Set of dice by Dice Envy
  2. Character Journal donated by Dice Envy designed by
  3. Black Hound Tavern 6 oz candle by Cantrip Candles
  4. Goliath D20 by Kraken Dice
  5. 16mm 3d printed slim-line dice tower in limited edition gold. It will be printed specially for the winner by +3 to Charisma
  6. Two sets of dice from Table Top Loot : Misty Step and Celestial Opal. 
  7. 2 Four-Day Badges to Gen Con 2019 by Gen Con
  8. A set of map weights by Deven Rue and Campaign Coins
  9. $50 worth of Table Top Loot Product, your choice
  10. D20 keychain from Arishae Creations 
  11. Leather book cover for role playing games by Libris Arcana
  12. Purpleheart dice tray. by Wyrmwood 
  13. Unreleased metal set, Tempest: Frostbite by Die Hard Dice
  14. Four Critical Role Miniatures by an anonymous donor
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