Atlantean Folly


Supposedly, Atlantis was a badass civilization with great naval prowess, but they picked fights with OP enemies, pissed off the gods, and suffered the consequences. Given that sounded like half the campaigns we've ever played, we figured that was a good enough reason to theme some dice after them.
Like Atlantis, these glorious dice shine brightly but will soon vanish to the depths, so get yours before our stock sinks.A seven-piece set of carved turquoise stone dice, inked in gold

Due to being made from natural materials, every die has a very unique look, and will not have the exact same color composition as the dice pictured above.


PLEASE USE A DICE TRAY. Unlike most of our dice, we do not have the resources to replace broken dice from our semi-precious stone sets, so if they break they are broken forever. The weakest die is the d4, due to its pyramid-esque construction, so be extra careful when rolling them.

Due to the nature of the engraving process on stone dice, some numbers may not be completely centered. This is normal and unavoidable.