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Adventurers seek many things – acclaim, gold, stories to tell in taverns – but have you considered seeking Bliss? 

You can skip the hard work, because we’ve found it for you: in swirls of pink and indigo, clear resin and gold ink, this 9-piece set is like if you could hold a warm bath in your hands, roll with the scented breeze of a field of wildflowers, or do damage to your enemies with a basket of kittens.

So grab Bliss today. You’ll be glad you did.

Bliss is a 9-piece translucent resin dice set with swirls of pink and blue, inked in gold.

Unique, Quality Dice

We offer a wide and varied selection of sets designed with players in mind. Made in a custom mold, these dice are poured, polished and inked before they make their way to you. Our polymer polyhedral dice are well balanced and high-quality, able to withstand as many rolls as you make through all of your future adventures.