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We've teamed up with to do a special printing of one of their most popular character journals. Here is what they have to say about their product

"This simple yet handy notebook keeps all of your 5e character info, stats and notes in one place, ready to take to your next game!

In this notebook you’ll find plenty of useful pages including optimised character sheets, space for various inventories, backstory, spell pages, magic items, potions, scrolls and even animal companions, steeds and wild shapes!

After the stats you’ll find blank pages in varying designs of lined, gridded and dotted so that you can chronicle your adventures, or just jot down useful player notes during sessions.

A helpful cheat sheet guide is included within the back cover that goes over combat and common actions to help you in a pinch!

The cover features a hand-painted mountain scene in a minimalistic art-style, with jagged spruce peaks, a dusky summer cyan sky and a pale pink path winding through the triangle trees.

This notebook has a thick card cover, contains 48 pages of high quality recycled white paper, and works well under a barrage of constant pencil and eraser use, (which happens to the best of character sheets, in our experience!).

This A5 character notebook is optimised for use with 5th edition games.
Product dimensions: 148 x 210 x 7 mm "

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