Dungeons & Dragons & Drive-ins & Dives


For Food Lovers Everywhere

There’s only one thing players love more than a D&D campaign: food. No matter who you are or where you’re from people just love food. Now you have the opportunity to celebrate two of your favorite things with these premier D&D fire dice inspired by the legend Guy Fieri himself. 

Dungeons and Dragons and Drive-ins and Dives combines D&D and food more tastefully than ever before. Bring red-hot fiery goodness to your next D&D adventure. Mmmm… flaming dice…

Dice You Can Count On

There’s no denying it. Dungeons and Dragons games can get intense. When you’re in the thick of a serious moment, and life or death hangs in the balance, you’ll want dice that can handle it. This campaign ain’t big enough for two sets of dice. Only the hottest D&D fire dice can win.

At Dice Envy, we make sure that all of our dice sets are crafted with great materials and design principles that guarantee they’ll offer great performance. And, we have great service to assist you if you run into any issues. We’re like the Siri or Alexa of dice. Whatever you throw at us, we can handle it. Check out Dungeons and Dragons and Drive-ins and Dives and so much more across our site!