Electro Rainbow Dice Set

Product image 1Electro Rainbow Dice Set - Dice Envy
Product image 2Electro Rainbow Dice Set - Dice Envy
Product image 3Electro Rainbow Dice Set - Dice Envy
Product image 4Electro Rainbow Dice Set - Dice Envy
Product image 5Electro Rainbow Dice Set - Dice Envy
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This multicolor metal dnd dice set is a polyhedral dice set containing seven METAL dice.  Use them as dungeons and dragons dice or any other d20 RPG dice based role-playing games.


  • 7 piece sets include these beautiful polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d12, d10, d% and a d20) are all approximately 2 cm across.
  • 10 piece sets include an additional 2d6 and 1d20
  • Our metal dice sets are composed of a zinc alloy composition that makes them very durable
  • All our dice have easy to read numbers.


    • All dice sets are shipped from the United States. We do not ship from China which assures the quickest possible delivery. This mean shipping takes days not weeks.
    • All sets ship out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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