Eureka Dice Set (with 33mm d20)

Product image 1Eureka Dice Set (with 33mm d20) - Dice Envy
Product image 2Eureka Dice Set (with 33mm d20) - Dice Envy
Product image 3Eureka Dice Set (with 33mm d20) - Dice Envy
Product image 4Eureka Dice Set (with 33mm d20) - Dice Envy
Product image 5Eureka Dice Set (with 33mm d20) - Dice Envy
Product image 6Eureka Dice Set (with 33mm d20) - Dice Envy
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The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, on the banks of the American River near the town of Coloma. John Sutter hired a group of people to build a saw mill, and one of them (James Marshall) saw tiny pieces of gold in the millwater’s runoff. Though Sutter swore Marshall to secrecy, the New York Herald reported on the discovery on August 19th, and President James K. Polk announced it to the nation via a Congressional Speech on December 5th.

By 1949, waves of tens of thousands of prospectors (now called 49’ers after the San Francisco football team) flooded the state to find their fortune. And seventy years after that, you have THESE DICE.

These dice are clear as cool river water and are jam packed with gold flakes. The black inking on the numbers evokes the greedy souls of the 49ers, but also contrasts perfectly for maximum legibility. This set comes with the standard 7 polyhedral dice array, and a bonus 33mm chonky boi d20 featuring our crowned lion logo on the 20!



The Eureka Dice Set includes seven polyhedral dice.  They are a beautiful and perfect nerdy gift.  Use them for all d20 RPG dice based role-playing games.


  • These beautiful polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d12, 2d10s and d20) are all approximately 2 cm across.

  • Includes extra large 33 mm Dice Envy d20 featuring Brockton the Lion on the #20.
  • Our acrylic dice set has an ultra light composition that makes them portable and durable

  • All our dice have easy to read numbers.


  • All dice sets are shipped from the United States. We do not ship from China which assures the quickest possible delivery. This mean shipping takes days not weeks.

  • All sets ship out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Delivery time is usually 2-3 days after shipment
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