Flame War


Living in a techno-dytopian future has one rule: Don’t Feed The Trolls.
When this ancient wisdom goes unheeded, The Discourse begins. The troops are rallied, strawmen are sent out– and all it takes is a single flame to set the fight alight.

Toxic and inflammatory, these seeds of discord are the perfect tools to strike the spark. No matter if it’s to feed your malevolent patrons’ hunger for strife or just for the lulz, give them a roll and watch as tempers and temperatures explode.Please roll these dice in a padded dice tray. Because of the exposed enamel on corners, the fill may break off if the dice hit a hard surface just right.

Flame War is a limited run variant of our popular Edge Boss dice- a stunning blackened metal 7 piece set featuring a wraparound striped enamel fill of glittering orange and green.