Kelpie Ride

$65.00 $99.00

Like their siren sisters, every Kelpie loves to show off for the guys, especially those who seem like they can be easily drowned.
But that’s good news for horse girls everywhere who grew up into the nightmare versions of their true selves! 

Embracing a kelpie will lead to the ride of your life, and the last thing the unlucky will see are the water, the muddy floor beneath them, and the encroaching darkness. 

So grab on tight, try your luck, and get ready to sink into the enchantment of the Kelpie. 

Brown, Black, Teal, and Blue dyed turquoise dice, inked in wetly shining silver.



These dice are fragile. We recommend rolling our stone dice in a tray and not directly on a table top to prevent scratching or chipping.

Unlike most of our dice, we do not have the resources to replace broken dice from our semi-precious stone sets, so please take care. 

Due to the nature of the engraving process on stone dice, some numbers may not be completely centered. This is normal and unavoidable.