Large Dice Bag


This large microsuede dice bag will make a fine bag of holding for your growing treasure hoard. It’s big enough to hold dozens of sets. The material feels great, and the flat bottom keeps the bag standing upright while you fish around for that one lucky d20.

Conveniently keep your dice in one place. Close it up tight with the drawstring when it's time to take your set to the DM’s place and open it up when it’s time to roll initiative. This large dice bag is an important wondrous item for carrying capacity and panache.

A Treasure Bag for Shiny Click Clacks

This polyhedral dice bag can hold hundreds of while keeping them safe from external damage. Easily move and store it without worrying about it spilling open. Your dice need a place to live for the long rest between sessions, and a big dice bag is the place to do it.

A wizard has his spellbook, a ranger has his quiver of arrows, and you have your dice bag. Dice are an essential element of the D&D experience, which is why it’s important to store them with care. When it’s time to level up with a larger dice bag, you know where to find one of the best. With an elegant design (featuring our very own Brockton the Lion), this soft bag for polyhedral dice provides the much-needed space to store an ever-growing collection.

This is the Real Deal - Beware of Mimics!

Providing top-quality dice and dice accessories is our top priority here at Dice Envy. Your dice are a crucial aspect of the tabletop RPG experience. That’s why you need a secure place to store them in between adventures. Our large dice bag gives you everything you could want. A soft, sizable, and mobile place for your dice to live when they’re not in use. The only thing you might worry about is all that empty space. You might have to grab a few pounds of dice just to put it all to use.