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Large Dice Bag

Large Dice Bag

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Whether you're superstitious about your dice and want to keep them pampered and comfortable between sessions to stay on their good side, or just need a place to stash your ever growing hoard, our dice bag is a great choice. 

Classy and elegant, the black microsuede outer feels nice and is thick enough that you don't have to worry about an errant caltrop stabbing through. Plus, we've lined it in a gorgeous yellow to make the inside a little brighter, and save you some time digging in the dark when it comes to finding that one specific lucky d20. It's designed with a flat bottom to allow it to stand up or sit nicely on any flat surface, and the drawstring has a plastic clip to keep it sealed tight, allowing for ease of mind when transporting your collection. 

The bag also features the Dice Envy logo embroidered in gold on the outside, and a fun, cheeky little Brockton the lion embroidered on the inside, which adds to the bag's stability. 

While we haven't actually counted how many individual dice can fit inside (given the different sizes and styles of dice, there's a lot of variables there) we know that this bag can handle a couple dozen sets, no problem. In fact, we use one to transport a year's worth of our Gluttony sub box offerings to conventions, and it works great!


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