When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when the juice is gone, pop those lemon peels in some vodka, add sugar, give it a few days and you can party with lemonade’s grown-up cousin.

Trust us, it’s the perfect thing for those hot summer days, and you can add it to sparkling water for a little extra fizz. 

Use our sparkling limoncello dice to bribe your DM or enjoy them yourself! 

Limoncello is a 10-piece set of cheery yellow resin dice with silver sparkles and silver ink.

Unique, Quality Dice

We offer a wide and varied selection of sets designed with players in mind. Made in a custom mold, these dice are poured, polished and inked before they make their way to you. Our polymer polyhedral dice are well balanced and high-quality, able to withstand as many rolls as you make through all of your future adventures.