Midnight Mischief

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It’s time to get up to some trouble with this dark blue d&d dice set. Midnight Mischief are dice that mean business, regardless of Midnight Mischief is a dazzling dark blue metal set with wraparound glittering purple enamel fill. 

The heavyweight of this metallic dice set will make every roll have that perfect impact. Metal dice, with their added weight, don’t roll as far as plastic. This means that every time your dice hit the table, they mean business. These dice are perfect for the rogue or magic-user of the party, giving their characters an aura of mysteriousness, or mischief. When you want to make your sneak attack damage really catch your fellow party members’ eyes, Midnight Mischief is the only way to go.

This dark blue d&d dice set is also a perfect add-on for a DM who wants to add a little something extra to a boss battle or to show the impact of magic damage. The sound of these metallic dice striking the table, holding the whole party in dread as they wait to see the results, are the types of moments they will remember for the rest of the campaign. 

When you’re sneaking up behind your enemy, ready to strike, it’s best to strike when the lights are low. Get this dark blue d&d dice set for those magical (or mysterious) moments when you know that you are going to have to use dice that really make their mark. Bring your midnight dice and roll for initiative.