Red Run


Side hustles in the techno dystopian future are hard. A new gig jumps to the top of the boards. The pay is good and the employer values discretion — you like that. You don't know what the job is, but the post is flagged as a Red Run, so there's definitely gonna be some murder.

Roll with this metal black and red dice set made for adventures in a cyberpunk future, the depth’s of Strahd’s dungeon, and anywhere in between. These polyhedral dice feature inky black metal lines crisscrossing a thriving crimson enamel heart.

Red Run is a part of our premium metal dice collection If your campaigns are anywhere near as vibrant as the glimmering core of Red Run dice, you’re in for a good time.

Some Sinister-Looking Dice

Careful about rolling death saving throws with these. They look hungry.

This black and red set of dice for D&D, Cyberpunk Red, Pathfinder, or other TTRPGs is made with dense black metal and inlays of shining red enamel. This is a dice set that doesn’t compromise form or function - a perfect balance of both.

Clear and indented engraved numbers make it easy for players to tell what they’ve rolled at all times. They have a great weight to them. We recommend rolling in a padded dice tray for the sake of your table.

The Dice for Your Evil Campaign?

Red Run is the perfect black and red dice set to usher in the kind of action-packed, bloodthirsty campaign that chaotic DMs and players (especially the rogues) love. Pair it with a handy dice clutch that makes it easy to carry all your D&D essentials in style.