Pixel Skulls (Vanilla Goth)


Heads will roll! You won’t find these black skull dice anywhere else. When you buy dice, you always want something a little bit different. That dice collection of yours has plenty of conventional dice shapes, so it’s time to give your treasure trove a goth diamond. It’s time to really spark some dice envy in your friends with this Pixel Skulls (Vanilla Goth) infinity d4 roller, uniquely shaped and adorned with 8-bit skulls.

These aren’t just any ordinary black skull dice, they are infinity black skull dice. We’ve replaced the traditional sharp d4 pyramid shape with a sleek new design made out of two wrapped edges. These dice are designed to be easier to read than the ordinary pyramid ones by allowing you to read them from the top down and not at an angle. Besides that, the visual image of the pixel skulls is a great replacement for plain numbers, adding a nerdy spark to every roll.

These black skull dice are the perfect choice for so many tabletop games. If you want to get into a spooky mood with a horror theme game, or you want to have a unique take on death rolls, these dice will help you set the perfect mood. They also are a great gift and perfect stocking stuffers for any spooky nerd in your life. Get them today, or the next time I have to tell ya, I'm cracking skulls.