Spindown Life Counters


Spindown dice are arranged sequentially, to be used as a tracking die in card games, such as Magic: The Gathering. This means the 20 is next to the 19, the 19 is next to the 18 and so on, so you can easily roll it to the next lowest number.

Traditionally, these spindown dice are larger than their evenly distributed high/low number placement counterparts, like the ones you’ll find in the rest of our metal sets.

Our spindown metal chonkies uphold this tradition - measuring in at a whopping 25mm. 

They’re great for tracking and super satisfying in the hand weight-wise. That said, if you do plan to roll them, we recommend doing so in a padded tray to protect the embedded enamel from any potential breakage.


Standard sized d20 for size comparison. 

We also offer matching 7-piece sets of traditional TTRPG dice in each of the colors you see here.