Starry Night


The beauty of real art comes through the eyes. Wouldn’t you want your dice to reflect that? That’s what these turquoise dice, Starry Night, are here for. Inspired by Van Goh’s reimagination of the night sky, you too can have a piece of art with this dice set. 

A seven-piece set of carved turquoise stone dice, inked in gold, these are not your everyday pair of dice. These dice are carved and engraved and because of that, they are one of a kind. They will not have the same color composition as the dice pictured above, but that is why they are special - each one is truly unique. Just like the work of art they are inspired by, you won’t find these dice anywhere else. Don’t bring out these turquoise stone dice until you’re ready to show off a truly special set

Due to the technical process of engraving on turquoise dice, some numbers might not be completely centered. This is unavoidable but adds another layer of individuality to your set of dice. 

WARNING: Due to the high quality and care that comes with carving these dice, they are more fragile than an ordinary set of dice. PLEASE USE A DICE TRAY. Unlike most of our other sets, we do not have the resources to replace broken dice from our semi-precious stone sets. If these turquoise dice break, they are broken forever. Due to its pyramid shape, the D4 is the weakest, so be extra careful when rolling that die.