Street Creds


Living in a techno dystopian future can be expensive; sometimes you pay with holographic credit chips, sometimes with the power of your reputation. Either way, having this set of metal RPG dice will leave everyone who deals with you in awe. You don’t have to be a cyberpunk to see why these dice make such an impression—their sleek, techno design would even make Neo blush. 

Street Creds is a variant of our popular Edge Boss dice—a stunning blackened metal set featuring a wraparound striped enamel fill of emerald green. Understated yet intricate, this metal glitter dice set reflects the techno dystopia of the now; the future is here, and it has always been here.

Our metal RPG dice have a nice weight to them. Made from metal, these dice can inflict some serious damage. When you hold this set in your hand, you can feel its kinetic power waiting to be released with a roll. 

When you do roll these dice, be sure you’re doing so on a padded dice tray. Because of the exposed enamel on corners, the fill may break off if the dice hit a hard surface. After all, you don’t want to damage these dice—you want the dice to do the damage!

These techno dice are custom-made, a crafted creation from some of the best minds in the game. Manufactured abroad, these high-quality metal glitter dice bring an air of cyber mystery to your playing experience. 

Just be sure to keep an eye on these metal RPG dice; your status only goes so far to protect you from your enemies... or covetous erstwhile friends.