Taro Milk Tea


These dice, like their namesake, whack you in the face with their color. A bold and vivacious purple that suggests your tastebuds are about to be roundhouse kicked, swirled in with creamy white clouds.

While visually stunning, the taste is subtle, surprisingly earthy, and not-too-sweet. We think that’s a good vibe to bring to the table. Exciting, but grounded. Bold, but reliable.
With just a hint of saccharine.

Taro Milk Tea is a 10-piece purple and white swirled resin dice set inked in silver.

Unique, Quality Dice

We offer a wide and varied selection of sets designed with players in mind. Made in a custom mold, these dice are poured, polished and inked before they make their way to you. Our polymer polyhedral dice are well balanced and high-quality, able to withstand as many rolls as you make through all of your future adventures.