Sometimes, bigger is better! Our chonky boi 33mm wooden Woodwind is a love letter to all you murder oboes out there! You don’t need to be a musician to have fun with this music note d20 dice set (although it doesn’t hurt); the trick to reading it is to add up the eighth-note values of the notes on each face.

We know that quarter notes would have been more intuitive, but because of the limited amount of space and detail constraints, we had to make it with eighth note values (though, if any of you want to take a piece of wood and make dice with quarter note values, be our guest). 

Our music note d20 has a nice weight to it and rolls well. While some of you may have not had the best experience with wooden dice, believe us when we say this dice will not do you dirty. Much thought went into its creation and we hope that it adds another touch of excitement and fun to your game. These music note dice are also a great fit for the bard in your campaign, very on theme and fit for a performer.

The Woodwind music note 2d0 dice set is custom-made and crafted from ebony wood. With this set, we want to bring you high-quality rolling at an affordable price. We know that dice aren’t just a tool, but an essential part of your gaming experience.

Even if the music notes confuse you and you’d rather stick to a more traditionally notated dice, you can’t deny its aesthetic value; this set is perfect for showing off to your friends and will stand out in any collection. Shop now to find collector’s dice, functional dice, accessories, and more today!