Worm Poison Infinity


Purple worms are no joke, but if you manage to take one down you would be wise to reap the rewards: the poison from these gargantuan monstrosities deals 12d6 poison damage on a failed DC 19 Con save, and even if your target makes the save, they still take half.

These dice practically ooze damage, and with them, so can you! 

Just remember to avoid the stinger AND the mouth when gathering them.

Worm Poison Infinity is a wormy purple acrylic Infinity d4 with a matte powder finish and black inking.

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Unique Design

Our Infinity dice are your basic d4, reimagined. We've thrown out the sharp triangular points and replaced them with two wrapped edges. Since they’re not shaped like a caltrop, if one goes missing, none of your friends will have to make DEX saving throws. They are designed to be read from the top-down, not at an angle, and are great for health counters as well as healing potions.

As an added bonus, the metal versions have a satisfying heft and sheen to them. We would say you probably shouldn’t weaponize these dice, but we’re not the boss of you.

Patent # US D887,497 S