Subscription Box

Every month new dice automatically show up to your house. We work with both large manufactures and small print artisinal designers to make sure you get high-end dice at affordable prices. 

Boxes are shipped the 4th week of each month.

Original Monthly Dice Box

Annually as low as $15 a month

5-8 dice arrive at your door each month. The quantity will vary slightly depending on the rarity of dice offered for the month. The dice come from the standard d20 roleplaying set. There are no obscure sided dice. Each month has a coherent theme and will include set comprised of some assortment of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20 sided dice.


Mystery Micro Dice Box

Starting at $5 a month

Get yourself a little nerdy gift. Every month one die arrives at your door. How many sides? How large? What are they made from? That's a mystery.





*3.00 Shipping and Handling