Here at Dice Envy we want to use our platform to promote creators from throughout the tabletop community. From time to time we will feature one of them here for you to enjoy. Today is Hit Dice! 


Hit Dice! is a meticulously edited real play fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Praised for its audio quality, home-brew story, and all-star cast; it has 5/5 stars on every platform and has been designated a ‘must-listen’ for D&D veterans and newcomers alike.

The entire cast is made up by entertainers who also just happen to be Dungeons & Dragons veterans. Allen, Jonathan, Nina, Rachel, Caleb, and Wes have been playing as a cohesive D&D group for over three years now, a miracle by one group standards. Rachel plays Kallista the party Bard, constantly urging the other players forward – convinced they are all meant to be heroes in her epic. Allen plays Patches the quintessential rogue with a chip on his shoulder and a reluctant love for his party members. Nina sports the naive warlock who had her soul offered to her patron by another’s hand. Jonathan is the voice of reason as Professor Arwyl Garowyn the Gnomish Wizard and tinkerer. And last, but certainly not least, Caleb has perfected the art of the Ranger and comic relief as Guy who is accompanied by his trusty steed - the beloved Buffalo.

The players make a unique table experience and have play chemistry that is taught only in the most sacred of bard colleges. The story is driven heavily by their characters and their involvement with one another. However, their play would be at a loss if it weren’t for the intricate and compelling world that Dungeon Master and Editor, Wes, has created for them. With all of their combined experience and talent the cast of Hit Dice! has created something truly diverse, unique, and entertaining. The real play podcast aims to make it feel like you are sitting at the table with old friends as they accomplish this feat expertly and gracefully.

You can feel the genuine camaraderie with each laugh the party shares together and you share their sorrow when tragedy strikes. Hit Dice! boasts an impeccable balance of comedy and a driven narrative that leaves you satisfied and wanting more. The table chemistry and story are complemented by the critically acclaimed audio quality of the podcast. Caleb and Wes are audio engineers and editors by profession and the amount of care and detail they put into each episode makes for a seamless listening experience.

Grab your lucky dice and a goblet of your favorite elixir as you become part of the Hit Dice! experience. 

Twitter: @hitdicepod
Instagram: @hitdicepod
Website: https://www.hitdicepod.com/

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