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Roll For It! December Microevents for Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs

The holiday season leaves everyone pressed for time. Between family engagements, merry parties, and yet another cooki...

6 Awesome Ways to Give Your DND Character Personality

Personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws form the backbone of an RPG character’s personality, and are recommended...

Three Simple Ways to Play It Safe

By Jeff Chaffee The masks and costumes may be packed away, but there’s never a dull moment at your roleplaying table,...

Black Friday Dice Set Deals

The holidays are upon us and Dice Envy is running some huge promotions. We wanted to take a moment to lay them all ou...

Backstory Part 3: Avoiding Toxic Characters

I once led a campaign I worked hard on preparing. However, one of my players decided to play a "murder hobo". Not onl...

Don’t Fear the Homebrew

I saw a meme recently that gave me a good, hearty chuckle. It’s funny ‘cause it’s true! I’ll be the first to admit ...
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