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Mystery Stone Sets

Mystery Stone Sets

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Receive a set of our amazing dice for dirt cheap. Buy from our mystery sets and get some sets of dice at over 50% off. 

Dice set includes one each of the following: d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, d20. All dice sets are in the standard, 16mm size

How do dice join our mystery stock?

  • We have too many of a style or color.
  • We are closing out a slow-selling line.
  • We have prototypes of designs that we have chosen not to regularly stock. 

We have dice in both natural and synthetic stones; our glass and dyed turquoise are made in the lab, and we sometimes carry amethyst and obsidian dice, which are formed naturally. Regardless of its origin, you may see some unevenness or natural variations. No two sets are the same, and the designs and numbering sometimes have to shift to accommodate for those innate quirks of the material.

Delicate Dice

Remember to get a rolling tray to use with these dice. Stone is beautiful and incredibly luxe, but it’s also a little delicate, so you have to pamper your stone set just a bit. We recommend soft trays rather than the kind with wooden sides.

NOTE: You may get more than one of the same set of dice if you buy multiple mystery sets. The more you buy, the higher the chances you have of receiving duplicates.  No returns, exchanges, or refunds. This product is not eligible for additional discount codes or offers unless otherwise stated.
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