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D&D dice sets are the heart of any D&D or other tabletop RPG game. They’re the tools that you use to traverse the world, battle enemies, calculate the flow of events, and possibly create some new timelines along the way. They are fate distilled directly into an object in your hands. However, with so many pieces coming together to make a full set, there’s a lot to know before comfortably using them. Once you get familiar though, it doesn’t take a galaxy brain to understand. We’re going to break down the basics of D&D dice one by one.
November 17, 2021 — Coalition Technologies
Present with banana wrapping paper

10 Gifts for the D&D Enthusiast in Your Life

The holiday season is approaching, and we all know what that means: presents. And quality time with loved ones. But everybody loves a good present. The key, of course, is the “good” part. You wouldn’t give a movie enthusiast a Suicide Squad Blu-ray. That would be like a punishment. Similarly, you want your D&D gifts for the special people in your life to be great. This list is a good place to get started. Below you’ll find the ten best Dungeons and Dragons-themed gift ideas that will be sure to wow that special someone. Give them a look and be the cool gifter this holiday season.

1. Arcane Vein

Arcane Vein is a metal D&D dice-set that ranks as one of our most popular offerings. It makes a great D&D-themed gift because it’s sleek and versatile. It’ll offer something for a wide range of players, no matter their interest or skill level. People love cool-looking things. This is one of the coolest looking D&D gifts you can get for a DM or other players.

2. Holoverse

Holoverse dice set

Holoverse can be best summed up in one word: colorful. Players can leave behind reality and enter the endless bliss of the Matrix with these dice. Colors are brighter, things feel more real. Your loved ones are going to love this D&D gift for how eye-catching it is. They don’t even need to play D&D to appreciate it. They can just stare and admire it.

3. True Neutral

It’s smooth, it’s transparent, it’s what Apple wishes the iPhone looked like if not for technology limits. True Neutral is the perfect Dungeons and Dragons gift idea for those who enjoy the mysterious qualities of crystal-clear coating or just like a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style. Black and white is classic for a reason.

4. Woodwind

Woodwind is a premium wooden d20 die that’s designed specifically for music lovers. Each side has music notes in place of numbers for the user to add up. It’s a great D&D gift for bards or anyone who appreciates a classic musical feel.

5. Pumpkin Dice Latte

 Pumpkin Dice Latte dice set

Okay, so we’re a little basic for this one, but that just means we’re widely appealing. Pumpkin Dice Latte captures all the greatness of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the essence of fall. This D&D gift for a DM or anyone else works perfectly if they love pumpkin spice or love fall so much they wish it wouldn’t end.

6. Infinity Dice (Metal Healer Gold Edition)

There’s no denying it: everybody loves gold. It looks elegant, luxurious, and valuable. Combine gold with our unique patented infinity d4 design, and you get Infinity Dice (Metal Healer Gold Edition). In addition to its glossy feel, the dice have golden pixellated hearts as marking symbols. It’s a perfect D&D gift for any gold or retro lovers, ideally both. Both is good.

7. America’s Ass

America’s Ass dice set

The MCU isn’t the largest film franchise of all time for nothing. This Dungeons and Dragons gift idea captures the classic feel of Captain America for any lovers of the franchise, or those who simply enjoy playing by a code of honor. With America’s Ass on your side, anything is possible. Your loved one will appreciate you for it.

8. Combat Tracking Pads

They may not be flashy like our other D&D gifts, but Combat Tracking Pads are a crucial tool for any serious D&D players. They keep track of all the valuable combat and stat information so your loved one doesn’t have to! The greatest gift you can give to your loved one this holiday season is having to do less math.

9. Desert Planet

If your loved one was as hyped for the release of Dune as we were, they’re going to love Desert Planet. Or maybe you just happen to really like the desert. Either way, this is a great D&D gift for a DM or anyone else. It has a smooth, reddish-orange finish mixed with light magenta to produce a dreamy, textured feeling that people love.

10. Midnight Sigil

Help your loved one conjure power from intricate runes using Midnight Sigil. This D&D gift is a classic gold-on-black design that gives the impression that they were crafted long ago for magical purposes. And now they’re going to bring magic to the table. No Dungeons and Dragons gift idea is better suited for arcane enthusiasts.

Christmas present boxes

Make Holiday Shopping Easy

Beyond securing the best gifts for D&D lovers in your life, you can be assured that getting them through us is as simple as possible. Not as simple as reading your mind simple, but pretty simple. Our online ordering system makes it easy to get dice shipped straight to your door. And you can contact us if you have any questions or issues that come up. You can gift smarter and easier this holiday season with some help from Dice Envy.

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New Art DND Work

New Art DND Work

What is your favorite part about Dungeons and Dragons?

Personally, I love the crunchy number systems like 3rd edition. I love a good crit at an opportune moment. I love a character that slowly matures from a one note joke to a complex hero with motivations beyond what I originally had in store for them. But most importantly, I love my D&D community. I think in a world that can feel impossibly isolating D&D is a promise to sit down with friends regularly.

Dice Envy's New Look

If you've been a fan of ours for some time you might notice are website has a new look. I want to talk about specifically about the banner image that welcomes people to our shop. You'll notice something different here from our competitors. Usually, a dice company will put their best and newest product on the top of the page. This is a totally intelligent move. However, after thinking about what makes D&D great we choose a new route. Instead of focusing on product we are focusing on the joy that emerges when playing with friends. We started a series of art commissions. The prompt is "Dungeons and Dragons Characters Playing D&D." Other than the prompt, we are giving creative license for the artists to draw whatever that means to them.

Who are the artists?

Fan art is so important to what it means to be in the larger D&D community. Not only do we have so many people that love art in the space, they love drawing their favorite characters from both their home games and from the streaming world. We wanted to include those voices in this project. We are reaching out to independent graphic artists and D&D fanatics to get some truly unique art that celebrates the joy found at are weekly (hopefully) game nights.

Our first artist is by @lassflores. You should check out her Twitter and totally hire her.


September 10, 2021 — David d

March 2021 Pride Box Update

Hi Subscribers,

I just wanted to give you a heads up about the March Pride Box. We had a little production error and it pushed back the completion of the order by a week or so. This pushed fulfillment back too. The Pride and Gluttony subscriptions should ship out next week. I apologize for the delay.




Dice Envy, Owner

March 31, 2021 — David d

Subscription Box Update : April - May - June

As we close in on month three of grappling with Covid-19, we know many of you battle grief and exhaustion.  

We don't take lightly the opportunity to bring some joviality to your lives through the small act of slinging math rocks.  Know we're grateful, and we appreciate your continued business.  Right now, we're asking for your continued patience.  

Covid-19 unexpectedly delayed our second batch of dice this year.  We custom-mold every set, which takes time.  Our overseas partners are experiencing a backlog of orders, which has impacted our April and May shipments.  

The good news is: our June dice will be on schedule.  And you should have received all dice for February and March. 
Pride Boxes

April’s dice are all in the mail. Everyone should have received the “Liches Get Riches” set. 

May’s dice will ship next week but lack the additional d6. We will include the late dice in a future subscription. If your subscription expires before then, just send us a request for the late dice at, and we'll get it to you. 

Envy and Gluttony Boxes
The Envy and Gluttony boxes for April and May will arrive in June. 

April subscribers should have received an email with a $20 code to our site as an apology.  We want to offer you a set of dice on the house.  If you didn't receive the code, email us at 

We want to avoid this from happening again. 
To prevent this kind of delay in the future, we have pre-ordered our dice for the next twelve months.  In addition, we are now contracting with multiple factories in multiple countries to stabilize our supply lines.  

Check our blog for any future updates.  And as always, we appreciate your business and your patience.  

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Play games. 

6/16/2020 Update:  We received the dice in the mail for all the prior month's. We are currently prepping the sub for shipping now. We are shipping everything (April-May-June) next week.


May 27, 2020 — David d

Backordered Dice Are Here

All February and March dice have arrived and we are working like mad to ship them off to you. We expect them to all be in the mail by Friday.
April 21, 2020 — Aabria Iyengar

KN-95 Mask Drive Delivery

We shipped our first order of masks to Valley Presbyterian Hospital. They were super grateful and we didn't even have to enter the building they just took them right at the door! Thank team. We are working on the second and last shipment now.  

April 09, 2020 — Aabria Iyengar

KN-95 Mask Drive: Updates

So far, we have raised a total of 1793.04.

Here is the sale report from Shopify. We have them in two lines because we realized that the proper term in KN95 not N95 a little late.

Shopify Sale Report 1
Shopify Sale Report 2

As 1793.04 minus  in credit card processing fees brings our total so far to $1673.49. 

We've placed our first order for $1314.50 on March 30th. That bought us 700 masks! That means each donation of $5.50 actually bought 2.94 masks instead of just one. The remaining $358.95 came in after we placed our first order and will stay with us until we hit $500. If we do not get to $500 in the next week, we will donate the $358.95 to the American Red Cross and close down the drive.

Thank you so much for joining us in this effort to make the world suck a little less right now. In an effort to be transparent, below is a copy of our invoice with the private information blocked out. 


Masks invoce

 April 11th Update : 

Our total for masks went from 443.39 to 568.80. Which means we raised another $152.03* in the following week. With the government finally playing catch up with masks and large companies like Google and Apple stepping up their game we think it is time for us to close our mask drive. Thank you everyone for doings something virtuous with us. 

Below are some screen shot to help promote accountability. Dice goblin, stay safe our there. 

*Yeah, our math failed us. We over donated by about $25. Not to worry. We are happy to chip in too. 


Shopify Sale Report 3


Donation Details
March 30, 2020 — David d

KN-95 Mask Drive : FAQ

KN-95 is not as good as N95 right?

They are different. KN is for civilian use. But will do in a pinch. This is a pinch. Even if doctors can't use them hospital security, reception, and maintenance might all benefit from them.

These masks from China, are they the best quality?

A fan sent us this article concerned that we may not be helping as much as we'd like. Here is our response:

This is why we bought 200 of them first personally. To check the quality. We sent the batch to the hospital to see if they were usable. They did not hesitate to use them even after we informed them that they were from China and may not be of the best quality. They just told us there virologists will spot check them before distribution. When we went to the hospital, we saw what there people were using it was disheartening. If in the event that the hospital does not want them or they get access to better gear, we are already in discussion with some non-profits that are still offering food and hygiene resources to unhomed peoples. They are literally using nothing right now and risking their lives to make sure the poorest are fed and cared for. 

If you have a small clinic, do health work in rural areas, or would otherwise be considered low on the list for receiving large corporate aid. We would love to put you on the list too for getting some of these masks. E-mail us at

$5.50 seems like a lot for a mask. Are you sure you are not pocketing any of this?

Under no circumstances are we profiting from this. Yes $5.50 is a lot. However, we are taking into account fees from Paypal, Shopify, and shipping customs. In addition, we raised the price some because most people are buying one mask BUT we need to order at least 200 to get shipping from China. Also the more we buy the cheaper it is. So you're probably buying somewhere between 1 and 3 masks at $5.50. 

March 29, 2020 — David d

February/March Subscriptions and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) [All updates]

Greetings, Monthly Box family! 

We’ve been trying our best over here at Dice Envy HQ to shield our wonderful customers from as much of the inconvenient product delays and shortages caused by government-mandated factory closures in China due to the Coronavirus outbreak as we could. Unfortunately, one casualty was the dice set from our subscription box for this month! We kept up hope as long as we could, and even though our manufacturers are a-ok and back online, there was just no way to have this month’s box ready for you all in February! We appreciate your patience so very, very much while we get back up to speed again. As of present we are expecting our dice to arrive to our office on March 15th. At that point, we will ship them out as quickly as possible.

What steps are we taking so this never happens again?

Getting this box running smoothly again is our number one priority. 

We are moving our supply ordering from 3 to 6 months ahead of schedule. We are also contracting with multiple companies to help spread the production burden around in an effort 

Is there any good news?

Yes, as an apology for the delay and as a sign of appreciation for sticking with us in this tough time, we are throwing in a free nine piece set of dice for all customers in an upcoming month. We just commissioned the new set so they will not be ready in time for the April boxes. We are shooting to put it in the May or June box. 


March 20th Update: We are starting back logged shipments at the beginning of next week. Hopefully, by the end of next week the majority of subscribers will be up to date on their dice. 

March 25th Update : We are still waiting for the dice to arrive from the factory in China. Once we receive the product we plan on starting to ship out the same day. 

March 30th Update : The dice our officially with our shipping company and waiting to leave Hong Kong. You can watch along with the UPS tracking to our office. Again, same day we get them we will start shipping dice. Though that process will stretch over a few days as we currently have a skeleton crew available. 

April 6th Update : Most of the dice have arrived today. However, we are still waiting for a box of March Envy Dice. Which is unforgivably delayed. We are starting shipping tonight on what we do have. February Envy Boxes will be shipped separately from March.


dice shipment boxes


April 9th Update : Two thirds of the boxes are now in the mail. We are experiencing some issues with the Envy March dice and need to wait for some replacement dice. This effects the Gluttony and Envy Boxes. They replacement dice are arriving in the next week from the factory. We will start shipping them off the same day they arrive.

April 11th Update : Ultimately, our resin factory let us down big time. It couldn't be avoided because of the pandemic but it is causing issues for us. The special logo d6s were not to some Pride/Original subscriptions because they are not ready. We wanted to get people there boxes soon because it is going on three months since dice were shipped and that seems unreasonable. For those that did not get the d6s, they will be included in upcoming months as the dice arrive to us. Contact us if you have since cancelled your account and we will make sure you still get these dice when they arrive.

Regarding the informational slips that usually go into the boxes, I fear that too is a casualty of the pandemic as we are having issues with the printer. If you did not get a slip and are interested in what these dice are called, the inverted Alphas are called Omega Dice. The red metal dice are called Bloody Knuckles. They are the February and March sets.  

The extra set of apology dice are in production now. We will have them in about 6 weeks.

April 20th Update : All back ordered dice have officially arrived. Any remaining February and March dice are being prepared now for shipment. We expect them to all be in the mail by weeks end.


March 06, 2020 — David d

DM of the Year: Kathrine C. AKA Squid

A selfie with Kathrine the Dungeon Master of 2019


We are proud to introduce you to our Dungeon Master of 2019 Kathrine (Squid). She was submitted by her friend and player Erin. Here is what Erin has to say about this awesome woman:

There is a fundamental correlation between a great Dungeon Master and a great friend, a great human. It’s rare in “the real world” to find someone who embodies what it takes to master both of these things, and often, you think that this kind of hero only exists in the worlds we create, rather than those in which we physically live and breathe.

Katherine Czerwinski, or, as her campaigners affectionately call her, Squid, is such a larger than life person. While I call her a hero, she would most certainly roll her eyes at the comment and continue on with whatever she was doing before I interrupted her with something so ridiculous.

Squid DM’s with sass and sarcasm that has been well refined over time, but with such a gentle touch that she allows her team to build on the story she’s created without micromanaging the play. She trusts her team with her vision to bring their own unique experiences and expertise into the world to make it a living, breathing reality in its own right. This is a good quality to have when leading any project: trust your team to be experts in their field and bring your vision to life. They will have more of a stake in the project, the campaign, whatever it may be, too. (After all, we are all greater than the sum of our parts). 

Squid knows her players on a close and intimate level, developing a relationship with not only the group as a whole, but each player. This is where her heroism begins.

Behind the escapism that comes with each campaign, there are real people dealing with real tragedies and hard times (2019 has dealt everyone a pretty rough hand, it seems. Or should I say, we all rolled very poorly on coming through this year unscathed?) In fact, this was how she became my hero. I’d just met her through our role playing, and mere days after this introduction, my dad had a stroke that would put him in the hospital for four months, and in a coma for half that. I woke up every single day to doctors telling me that we needed to consider taking my dad off life support, that we had to make decisions that would shatter our lives.

And a text from Squid. 

Every single day. When I was with it enough to apologize for being absent in the RP world, she was always a calm voice that assured me not to worry about it. She’d let me cry about my dad if I needed to, or she’d talk with me about my characters when I needed a break from the real world. Favorite flavors of tea, pros and cons of cold weather versus hot, whatever I was able to talk about, we did. On the days that I didn’t have the energy, she was still there, a constant, strong, encouraging presence. One day, she made the comment that my character loved lilies. I asked when I told her that- and I never did. She knew me so well that she knew some of these details without having to be told, she knew how to stand by me in my tragedy, and she knew perfectly where my character fit in the beautiful world she’d created as a DM. She understood that these little details helped paint a larger picture, and that as small as they seemed on their own, they did matter.

She understands, in any world, that it’s all about heart and humanity (even if you’re an elf or an orc).

Even after my dad was released from the hospital (permanently disabled, but my God, alive), she reached out to me every single day for more than three years. I was always welcome at the table, always loved when I wasn’t available.

While this particular story is a couple years old, it is only one example of the ways that Squid embodies the perfect DM, at the table and away. Life never tends to slow down or stop throwing curveballs, and she is always on the field, ready to be a coach, mentor, and team player.

These days, Squid has miles and technology and schedules to battle and manage, and has never failed to bring the group together. She DM’s twice a week in live games and in an ongoing basis in a text based game. She cared about the characters that are brought to her world, and she cares about the players behind them. She does an incredible amount of research to make the world believable. Even if the rules of the world are her invention, she makes them believable. In any situation, she knows her players and what they need from a situation- both during the campaign and in their own lives. 

December 08, 2019 — David d
Holiday Sales and Subscription Box Updates

Holiday Sales and Subscription Box Updates

Holiday sales are here at Dice Envy!
First, the big one: this is the last week to get our subscription boxes at their current price! Next Tuesday (12/3) is the deadline, so anyone that subscribes before then will keep their pricing as long as they keep their subscription. There are some fun changes coming to our boxes too, so you’re not going to want to miss them! 

Basic Box → The Envy Box ($15/mo.)

Starting in December, the not-so-basic box is getting a glow up! The Envy Box will still feature an acrylic set, but it will also include a 33mm chonky boi d20 and bonus d6 - all in our custom mold!

Original Box → The Pride Box ($35/mo.)

This is where you’ll find our best work! Every month will feature a gorgeous set of dice, and along with our beloved engraved acrylic and framed metal designs we’ll be expanding our material and mold repertoire to keep things spicy in your dice bag! Pride subscribers will also get the Brockton d6 from the Envy Box.

Sampler - We’ll be phasing out the Sampler Box in 2020! If you’re currently a Sampler subscriber, you’ll still be getting your box through the end of your subscription period, but the renewal option has been removed. Keep an eye out for an email with some more details and a special conversion offer from us soon! 

NEW! The Gluttony Box ($45/mo.)

So you love our monthly dice and don’t want to choose which box to get? Well you don’t have to! You really can have it all with The Gluttony Box - a full set of both dice of the month. TREAT YO SELF. 

Quarterly Box → The Sloth Box

No big changes here, we just like the name! This option is great for our international dice family looking to save a bit of money on shipping by receiving their boxes (Envy, Pride, or Gluttony) every three months instead of monthly! 

Other than that, we’ll be running a 25% sale on each of the big 3 shopping days after Thanksgiving: 

  • Black Friday: use promo code “METAL25” to save 25% on all metals sets! 
  • Small Business Saturday: use promo code “WOOD25” to save 25% on all wood sets! 
  • Cyber Monday: use promo code “ACRYLIC25” to save 25% on all acrylic sets!  

Happy Holidays!

    November 26, 2019 — Aabria Iyengar