The Chief-level job titles are in jest. We are the only ones that work here.
illustration of CEO & Founder - David Derus

David Derus

CEO & Founder

Favorite Game: Pathfinder (Let’s get fussy with numbers!)

Favorite Dice: Rainbow Wood

Fun Fact: Dave has learned six languages and forgotten four of them.

illustration of COO - Maria Perry

Maria Perry

Chief Operations Officer

Favorite Game: D&D 5e and Monster of the Week

Favorite Dice: Red Ledger or Necromancer Barbie

Fun Fact: Maria’s first job was selling costumes at Renaissance Faires.

illustration of CDO - Dylan Vaughn

Dylan Vaughn

Chief Design Officer

Favorite Game: Star Wars EotE, D&D 5e

Favorite Dice: Midnight Sigil

Fun Fact: Dylan has the same initials as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

illustration of CPO - Ian Vaughn

Ian Vaughn

Chief Product Officer

Favorite Game: D&D 5e, David’s Secret Zombie RPG

Favorite Dice: Mermage

Fun Fact: Ian can’t look up with his right eye due to an old injury.

illustration of Rachel Ferrel

Rach Ferrell

Social Media Manager/Artist

Favorite Game: D&D 5E, Myst, and The Blockbuster Game

Favorite Dice: Bifrosting!

Fun Fact: Rach was born in the Year of the Ox and is just happy to be here.