1. When is the next shipment of the subscription box?

Shipments go out around the last quarter of the month. This is to allow time for as many people as possible to sign up for the box for that month.

2. Are your dice balanced?

Yes. BUT. In reality all dice regardless of manufacturer are a little unbalanced. Some people want perfect casino standards for the balance of their dice. We can't get there. These dice are for casual play not for gambling. In short, if you are happy with Chessex dice balance, you're probably going to be happy with our dice. If you are unhappy, see question three below. :)

3. I am not impressed by my order or this month's box. Now what?

If you are not satisfied with your box reach out to us. We will work with you on getting you a replacement or refund. Above all else we want happy customers... ok, so we really want to sell dice above all else but happy customers is a CLOSE second.

4. What materials are your dice made from?

In general, the materials are either resin, acrylic, metal, wood, or gemstone. It depends on the month. .

5. Where are your dice made?

The dice are made across the world by different partners. So far we work with companies in Russia, Poland (Q-Workshop), and Hong Kong.

6. Do you do requests?

We used to, but we found that we are too small of a company to cope with custom orders at this time, so they are no longer available.

7. Where can we get special deals and discounts?

For deals, there are a few ways. We run specials through our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Fan page, and our e-mail newsletter. There is no regularity to them. Also, we have partnerships with a bunch of podcasts. They offer our promo codes for discounts.

8. Can you tell us more about each of the dice boxes?

$15 Envy Box - This box include a custom Dice Envy 9-piece set resin dice set. The extra two pieces are a 33mm d20 with our lion as the 20, and a slightly larger d6 with our lion as the 6.

$35 Pride Box - This is where the magic happens. This tier, for the most part, is custom sets. Engraved Acrylic, unique metal, wood, or even semi-precious gemstone dice. You really never know what you're going to get.

$45 Gluttony Box - A grouped up Envy and Pride box, at a savings! Not really much to tell.

$45 - $135 Sloth Box - A quarterly version of any of the three boxes above. Don't like getting boxes every month? How about getting them every three months?

9. Are you a re-seller or do you make your own dice?

Honestly, it is a little bit of both. In some cases we have indeed created a new style of dice but since some copyright laws are vague, knock offs occasionally become available.

10. What is your privacy policy with the information you get from your customers?

We do not sell, rent, or share this information with any third party. It is used for the purposes of getting your order to you safely. If you opt in to our newsletter you will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe at the bottom of each promotional email.



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