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Pound of Dice - Bulk DnD Dice by the Pound

Pound of Dice - Bulk DnD Dice by the Pound

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If even a part of you empathizes with the draconic urge to hoard, then you’ll appreciate an entire pound of Dungeons & Dragons dice. Over time, we've collected lots of spare dice that maybe lost their set, have mild imperfections, or were just over-produced. Being dice goblins ourselves, we just can’t imagine throwing away dice. So instead, we wrap them up and sell them as bulk DnD dice - by the pound. 

Think of these as mystery variety packs, because that’s basically what they are. Each bag contains a dice assortment of various styles and materials. Most of the dice will be made of plastic or metal, but you may find the occasional wooden or stone die in there as well. The bags are filled at random, so you can’t be sure what you’re gonna get until you have them. You might receive a complete set in a single style or you may get dice of every shape, every size, and every color.

We weigh every bag before it goes out to make sure you're getting a solid 16 ounces of rollable treasure.

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