Pound of Dice - Bulk DnD Dice by the Pound

$55.00 $100.00

If even a part of you empathizes with treasure-hoarding dragons, then you’ll appreciate an entire pound of Dungeons & Dragons dice. Over time, we have collected lots of spare dice that maybe lost their set, have mild imperfections, or were just over-produced. We just can’t imagine throwing away dice. So instead, we wrap them up and sell them as bulk DnD dice - by the pound. 

A One-Pound Variety Pack

Think of these as mystery variety packs, because that’s basically what they are. Each bag contains a dice assortment of various styles and materials. Most of the dice will be made of plastic or metal, but you may find the occasional wooden dice in there as well. These bulk polyhedral dice are still first-rate, they’re just a bit irregular, sorta like us humans.

The bags are filled at random, so you can’t be sure what you’re gonna get until you have them. You might receive a complete set in a single style or you may get dice of every shape, every size, and every color. One thing is for sure though, you won’t be able to get this many dice of this high quality at this price anywhere else. All of our dice, even the ones with small imperfections, are well made and balanced, as all encounters should be. Our bulk DnD dice are up for as many adventures as you want to take.

Satisfy the Dice Goblin in Your Heart

One pound is a buttload of dice. Just make sure you have a dice bag big enough for all that loot!

If you’re looking to expand your dice collection, buying by the pound is the way to go. 

There is no option that is as easy and as cost-effective. If you already own  Dice Envy dice sets, you may get a few repeats with this order of bulk polyhedral dice, but don’t let that discourage you. Chances are, you’ll get just as many diamonds in the ruff. 

Dice Envy gives a whole new definition to buying DnD Dice in bulk. Here at Dice Envy, we want to provide a top-notch experience. Buying polyhedral DnD dice in bulk, by the pound, is great fun for all involved, adding a layer of surprise to your adventure.