Collection: Wild Shape Dice

Every tree-hugging beastie bestie of a druid out there has one thing in common, regardless of build or background, and that’s Wild Shape. You get it at level two, and you use it as often as you can to run with the wolves, soar with the birds, or rend your enemies limb from limb alongside the great predators of the wild. We decided to celebrate this ability with a series that marks the transformation from humanoid to a dozen variations of distinctly not.

Each d4 starts with a run-of-the-mill human handprint, and the set turns more and more animalistic as the dice roll upwards, gaining feathers, scales, eyes, and tracks until the twin color-swapped d20s show off the full glory of your new form.

So come, have a look at our menagerie! It might give you some ideas for later.

These dice are overstock from last year's Kickstarter. There will be no second printing. 

Wild Shape Dice