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The (Mostly)Neutral DM

The (Mostly)Neutral DM

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Grey is the color of neutrality and deep, contemplative thought.

Like any good DM, it’s your job to be fair, neutral and have a well planned world for your players.

…OK, now that the players have stopped reading…

I know you’re making this sh#t up as you go along. I know that you’re just nodding when your players assume that the vague connections they made were part of a GRAND PLAN. Just smile and go along with it!

The (Mostly)Neutral DM dice set, for when you NEED to kill a favorite NPC… for story reasons.

The (Mostly)Neutral DM is a 7-piece rose gold, framed metal set filled with a largely objective, grey enamel, which comes in a collectible Adventure is Nigh branded dice wallet. It is part of the Adventure Is Nigh collection, developed in collaboration with The Escapist.

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