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10-Piece Monthly Dice Subscription Box

10-Piece Monthly Dice Subscription Box

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Whether you're looking for a gift that will keep giving, or just looking to add to your ever growing dice hoard, you've found the best place for it!

Dice Envy's 10-Piece Monthly Dice Subscription Box offers you one brand new polymer dice set each month, and it's also where we debut our new designs. Now you can get first dibs on the coolest new thing, before the general public even knows about it!

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Each month you will receive one 10 piece set of dice, featuring the classic 7 pieces: A pyramid d4, a d6, a d8, a d10, a percentile d10, a d12, and a d20, as well as the Dice Envy trifecta of additional dice: the Dice Envy Infinity d4, a larger d6 (featuring our mascot, Brockton), and a Chonky 35mm oversized d20. We select one unique set per month for subscriptions. Multiple subscriptions of a given style will result in duplicate sets each month.

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