Avernus Furnace

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Trapped within the walls of this seemingly innocent furnace is a portal to Avernus.

You can see the flames shining through the cracks, waiting to pull you (screaming) into its depths.

But anything powerful can be a tool, in the right hands. Who knows what power may be given to something born of such fire?

Avernus Furnace is a 7-piece brushed pewter metal set cracked with veins of bright copper.

Built for Greatness

Our metal D&D dice sets are forged from some of the finest zinc alloys around, for sturdy dice that will last with you through many tabletop RPG campaigns. Zinc is also a perfect choice for casting tiny details, which is great, since we love to bring you original designs straight from the minds of our in-house artists! From your first goblin grapple to your legendary slaying of a dragon, these metal dice are built to deal damage, so we recommend rolling them in a dice tray. And if you don’t like them, we offer our 30 day return and refund policy on all of our metal dice.