Why has Dice Envy decided to give away one of our sets of dice for 99 cents every month? Because Dungeons and Dragons is a thing. Pathfinder is a thing. D20 role playing games in general are a thing. People love them. People have played them for decades but also, people have just started playing them. Hasbro has said D&D is having its best year everWith Dungeons & Dragons real play podcasts and twitch streams like Critical Role people are getting into tabletop role playing games. And we love that. We love new players. We want new players. We hope every new player becomes a lifelong player. We get excited thinking about the adventures, the jokes told, and the friendships that are made around the table.

We want as many new players as possible. So we decided to do our part to lower the barrier of entry on your first set of dice.

Are you losing money on this? Yes. Yes we are. But we hope that if you buy your first set with us, you’ll want to buy your next set as well. Still, we are capping them at 100 sets a month so as to not go out of business.

Can you buy more than one set of dice? Yes. If you want to share the love with friends and family that it perfectly fine. Just make sure it is their first set.

What if I just want a cheap dice set? This is all based on the honor system. You could theoretically buy a cheap set of dice but that would be taking out of the hands of  a new player. If you want a cheap set. Try our Mystery Bags. They are $6 and the selection is broader than the 99 cent dice sets.

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