America's Ass


There’s a good chance you get that reference. If you don’t, you may as well start an MCU marathon. We can wait.

One of the most worthy Avengers, Captain America is a force to be reckoned with. Condense that power into Marvel D&D dice, and chance will definitely be in your favor. Ready to uncover a government conspiracy? Or get into heated ethical debates on government intervention? Or even save the universe from a greedy, albeit charming, titan? These are the kinds of awesome stories you bring to the table with the essence of Captain America in D&D dice.

Great Design

America’s Ass gives you the quintessential feeling of Captain America being on your side. It’s a set of gorgeous silver metal dice inlaid in red and blue enamel. It’s a sleek, robust design made for commanding leaders. Not to mention tough. If you think you can dive into the depths of a campaign all day, then these are the Marvel D&D dice for you.

Be the Adventurer You Were Meant To

Roleplaying isn’t just about going on an exciting quest or making great memories with your friends. It’s about embodying the spirit of fantasy and greatness. It’s about putting together a world that’s better than our own. There’s no better dice to capture this feeling than America’s Ass, because they bring you the noble values of the man himself.

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