Arcane Vein


Whether magic is coursing in your blood or flowing through your wires, these black and purple metal dice deserve a place in your weapons cache. Like a network of ley lines through a metal heart, they represent a fusion of magic and technology.

Equal parts beauty and mystique, use these arcane dicelike a phalactary to keep the envy of your party alive roll after roll.

Arcane Vein is a variant of our Edge Boss dice, a stunning blackened metal set featuring a wraparound striped enamel fill of shimmering purple.

Unearth the Magic

The veins of shimmering purple visible through the black metal of these dice are like deposits of magical crystal just below the surface. It’s the kind of magic you’d expect within an asteroid fallen to the Forgotten Realms from beyond the stars, or unearthed deep within the Underdark.

This black & purple metal dice set is perfect for space settings like a Spelljammer campaign from Advanced D&D, or any campaign of Starfinder. These arcane dice could easily represent the thrumm of power from a spellcaster dwarf, gnome, goblin, or warforged.

Roll Gently to Keep Them Pristine

Please roll these dice in a padded dice tray. Because of the exposed enamel on corners, the fill may break off if the dice roll off the table or hit a hard surface just the wrong way. Use a dice bag to keep them secret and safe between games.