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We've summoned the rainbow bridge and bound it within this crystalline dice set. A kaleidoscope of color channeled down to earth through intricate golden runes. It’s difficult to capture such beauty in an image; to truly appreciate the intricacies and visual allure of this 30mm d20 set, you have to see them in person.

Our crystalline dice provide an experience all their own; they almost belong in a jewelry box instead of on a tabletop (keyword being almost). When you order them, they will arrive in a compact case with a velvety interior lining that protects the dice from damage. Before using them in battle, be sure to hold them up to a light for a dazzling display.

With these translucent rainbow dice, upkeep is especially important. We recommend that you clean them at regular intervals so they maintain their illustrious appearance. Additional polishing will prevent cloudiness and make these beautiful dice shine like diamonds. If you want to be extra careful when handling these dice, you can roll on a padded dice tray to prevent scratches and marks. That’s not to say these crystalline dice aren’t durable—they can withstand as much damage as any metal or wooden dice!

This beautiful dice set is a valuable addition to any collection, a higher-end set you won’t regret getting. Order now and get your dice before your next session. With our Bifrosting translucent rainbow dice, you’ll truly be the envy at your party. Just make sure you still have a full set when everyone leaves!