Pixel Hearts (Hylian)


The Infinity dice line at Dice Envy takes the vast potential of standard d4 dice and makes it limitless. If you’ve ever wanted to gaze directly into the eyes of infinity, then these dice are your opportunity to do so. There are no more sharp triangular points, only two wrapped edges. If you’re familiar with Geometry, you know what that means: infinite corners. That’s right, math can be used for awesome purposes, too. These dice are designed to be read from the top down, not at an angle. So, they don’t just look cooler. They’re also way easier to use and see. Now that’s infinite potential.

Enter Hyrule

The Pixel Hearts Hylian edition d4 dice are themed Legend of Zelda D&D dice, if that wasn’t already apparent. They have a retro video-game aesthetic that hearkens back to the original titles as if you were setting off on a journey into Hyrule for the first time. They’re great for health counters as well as healing potions. And with a green color scheme, you can roleplay as Link more immersively than ever before. The boundless excitement of Hyrule is out there, waiting to be explored. Who knows, maybe you’ll encounter a few Lynel or Octorok along the way.