Mystery 10 - Piece Sets

$10.99 $19.99

Receive a set of our amazing dice for dirt cheap.

10-piece dice set includes a traditional 7 piece set plus a 33mm d20,  an infinity d4, and a bonus d6. They are made of either resin or acrylic.

How do dice join our mystery stock?

All of these dice are produced in our effort to make new styles. Some of these sets have minor imperfections. That might be a bubble in the resin or a bad paint job. Some of them are just in here because we decided not to bring them to market and have spare samples. Others are here because we have too much stock or we are closing out the line and want to get rid of the last of the stock.

NOTE: You may get multiples of the same sets of dice if you buy multiple sets. The more you buy the higher the chances you have for getting multiple copies of the same set.  No returns, exchanges, or refunds.